2 & 3 Tier Lifting Bags

MFC International offer a 2 or 3 tier low pressure airlift bag designed primarily for the recovery of vehicles. The tiered design allows for greater stability during the lift than conventional  low pressure bags.

These bags have a large contact area which means they uniformly distribute lift pressure across a large surface area, making them suitable for lifting at weak points of a vehicle such as the roof, sides, wings, bonnet and boot.


•  Lightweight and easily portable
•  Provide a strong and steady lift to stabilize a vehicle and improve access to casualties
•  Exceptionally Stable
•  Strong and Durable
•  Non-slip top surface
•  Low maintenance costs
•  Large lift capacity and height
•  Small footprint for lift height
•  Controlled deflation capability


•  Road traffic incidents


•  Valise (for up to two bags)
•  Repair kit


2 & 3 Tier Lifting Bags Technical Data
Product Code LB0067 LB0068
Materials Hypalon Coated Nylon Hypalon Coated Nylon
Length (cm) 55 55
Width (cm) 45 45
Inflated Height (cm) 40 60
Deflated Height (cm) 5 5
Lift at Max. Pressure (kg) 2150 1780
Air Requirements (ltr) 110 150
Packed Weight (kg) 10 14.5
Max. Pressure (bar) 1 1