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Service & Repair

MFC International are able to offer a comprehensive product support service for all of our products through our our servicing division, Servicetech. Within our servicing framework we can inspect, test, repair and service the following product groups either on site or at the factory (please be aware major repairs may need to be carried out at the factory):

•Water rescue equipment

•Rapid response shelters & decontamination showers

•Low and high pressure lifting bags and mats

•Controllers and regulators

•Water storage equipment

We are acutely aware of the importance of servicing and repair in ensuring that vital operational equipment is available when needed. Our customer service staff can advise on recommended servicing regimes and options for urgent equipment repairs. We strive to maintain a prompt and efficient service, keeping our customers fully informed at all times and minimizing the time equipment is out of action. With MFC International and Servicetech you can be confident you will always receive a professional, first class service. For further details, please contact or call us on 01443 433075.

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