Bravo 4 Hand Pump

The Bravo 4 ALU R.E.D (Reduced Effort Device) is a double action hand pump that automatically adjusts for easier pumping.

The hand pump automatically switches to downward pumping only once the pressure exceeds 400 mbar (5.8 psi), allowing you to blow up your inflatable product quickly and efficiently.


•  A powerful double action hand operated pump with a double chamber allowing a maximum of 4000cc (2 x 2000cc)
•  Automatically changes from double to single action at 400 mbar (5.8 psi) to reduce effort at higher pressures
•  Features an aluminium shaft handle for durability
•  Anti-sand cover gasket
•  Inflates and deflates
•  Pressure up to 800 mbar (11.6 psi)
•  Supplied with non-kink hose and a selection of interchangeable valve adaptors and nozzles


•  Inflation/deflation of our inflatable product range

Bravo 4 ALU R.E.D Hand Pump Technical Data
  Bravo 4 ALU R.E.D Hand Pump
Product Code 180001
Materials Plastic with aluminium shaft handle
Capacity 2 x 2000 cc
Dimensions 11 x 22 x 47 cm
Max. Pressure 800 mbar (11.6 psi)
Weight 0.75 kg
Colour Blue* (colour of product could vary)