Fire Hose Inflation Kit

The Fire Hose Inflation Kit provides a front line, first response solution for water rescue where the casualty  is conscious and able to help themselves during rescue. This compact, robust kit can be deployed in seconds with ordinary fire hose and used in a number of different water rescue techniques.

To use, simply connect the required lengths of hose together, fit the couplings from the kit to the ends of the hose system, and inflate. The system can then be deployed in various ways, depending on the prevailing conditions:

Line retrieval - The hose can be directed from a safe land position towards a conscious casualty and can then be retrieved with the casualty in tow.

Boom rescue - Used on flowing water, the inflated hose can be positioned at an angle across the flow to provide a buoyant lifeline for waterborne casualties. The angled boom allows a safe, controlled route to safety.

Alternatively, a line can be attached to the coupling and thrown to the opposite bank to provide a dam to catch casualties coming down in fast flowing water. It can also be used to contain small amounts of oil floating on the water surface.


•  Deployed in seconds
•  Versatile
•  Shut-off cap/coupling with locking pin prevents accidental release
•  Exceptionally tough and durable
•  Minimal training, servicing and maintenance costs
•  Two kit versions available; Version 1 supplied with handheld controller, Version 2 without (see sales sheet)


•  Crisis Rescue
•  Flood Rescue
•  River Rescue
•  Boom Rescue
•  Line Retrieval