The MFC Regulators are designed to be used with an air cylinder to reduce the amount of pressure which is leaving the cylinder and entering the inflatable product.The regulator contains an on/off valve which stops the air flowing through the hose.

8 Bar Regulator (RE0034)

  • Manufactured to EN ISO 5171
  • Input 0-300 Bar
  • Comes with padded storage box

Regulators Technical Data
Single Stage Regulator 8 bar
Product Code RE0034
Max. Pressure Gauge 0-400/300 bar
Working Gauge 0-16/8 bar
Max. Inlet Pressure 300 bar
Working Pressure 0-8 bar adjustable
Max. Output 30 Nm3/h compressed air at 8 bar
Relief Valve Opens at Ca. 10-11 bar
Pack Size (mm) 210 x 195 x 75
Weight (kg) 1.5