Inflatable Reservoir

Inflatable Reservoirs are a simple, quickly deployable solution for the storage of water and other liquids. Ideal for rapid response emergency situations, these Reservoirs can be transported to the scene and set up easily, providing an immediate storage container.

Filling the Reservoir is quick and easy; a flotation collar around the rim is inflated using a compressed air cylinder, hand pump or compressor. As water is then pumped into the reservoir this collar will automatically lift the sides of the tank with the rising water level, creating a fully self-supporting water storage solution in minutes.

With no structured frame the Reservoirs are lightweight and compact to store when empty and come supplied in a strong carrying valise. They require minimal ground preparation before use and an additional ground sheet is provided for use where necessary.

The Reservoirs are constructed from exceptionally durable heavy-duty material, making them tough and reliable time after time. In addition, reservoirs are very low maintenance, they are easy to clean, and straightforward to repair using the kit provided.

As well as emergency and disaster response situations, these Reservoirs are extremely useful for the containment of water, foam concentrates, chemical spillage waste and much more

  • Crease removing straps incorporated
  • Different sizes and colours available
  • Customer specific couplings for filling and discharge can be incorporated
  • Includes in-built relief valve
  • Suitable for every climate
  • Optional cover available to prevent evaporation
    and contamination
  • Suitable for one-off use as temporary waste water storage

Inflatable Reservoir Technical Data
  500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 4000 6000 8000 10000 12000 15000
Base Size (cm) 130 220 220 260 260 250 290 350 400 440 460 500
Height (cm) 70 80 80 90 90 90 110 115 120 120 100 120
Weight (kg) 12 18 24 28 29 32 40 51 58 81 95 104

Note: Other reservoir sizes may be produced to order. Pack size and weight dependent on couplings selected.