Bravo 2000 Electric Inflator

The Bravo 2000 electric inflator consists of a main motor and a supplementary (booster) motor, which increases the capacity and pressure. The two motors can run simultaneously to obtain maximum capacity and pressure.

On the Bravo 2000, you can press the orange button to just run the main motor, or you can press the red button to switch on the booster to help obtain maximum performance. Both motors are protected by thermal fuses.


•  Inflates and deflates
•  Has a robust outer steel casing for additional protection
•  Fitted with main motor and a booster motor to increase capacity and pressure
•  3m integral mains power lead comes with 2 pin plug*
•  Comes with an inflation hose, 7 different adapters and a shoulder carry strap


•  Inflation/deflation of our inflatable product range

Bravo 2000 Electric Inflator Technical Data
  Bravo 2000 Electric Inflator
Product Code 180026
Voltage Supply 230V (Main Motor) 230V (Booster)
Max. Power 1000W / 2000W
Max. Pressure 140 mbar (2 psi) 400 mbar (5.8 psi)
Max. Flow Rate 1200 l/min / 2000 l/min
Dimensions 32 x 17 x 26 cm
Weight 4.1 kg