Multifunction Craft

Lightweight and easy to transport, the inflatable Multifunction Craft range provides a flexible operational platform that can be quickly deployed where needed to carry large numbers of people or equipment.

Suitable for use with two or four stroke short shaft outboard motors up to 30hp (max engine weight 65kg), the twin keel design of the Multifunction Craft means that they are stable and highly manoeuvrable. Without a motor fitted the craft can be towed or line controlled. The low pack weight allows the craft to be carried by a two or three man team (depending on the model) to a suitable launch point.

Ideal for urban or rural flood evacuation and the movement of personnel, equipment or supplies, the large flat deck allows up to 14 people, or one tonne of equipment, to be carried (MFC5000 model).

Depending on the outboard engine the flat-bottomed design and shallow draft make the craft suitable for use in shallow waters from approximately 40cm deep. Without the motor an empty Multifunction Craft will float in 10cm of water. The flat, rigid floor of the Multifunction Craft offers a comfortable, dry and stable platform for passengers, while the inflatable tubes provide a reassuring support to lean against.


•  Can be deflated and stored in a carrying valise. The boat, motor and the crew PPE equipment will fit in the back of a small van, therefore no need for a trailer, can be carried by 2-3 people
•  Rapid inflation and deployment (less than 5 minutes)
•  Fitted with central bow towing point and bridal attachment points. Additional towing points are fitted onto the transom
•  The large usable deck area allows up to 14 people or one tonne of equipment to be carried (MFC5000)
•  The comfortable Inflatable deck reduces crew fatigue compared with boats with rigid decks
•  The flat front provides easier bow boarding and a greater usable interior space
•  Self-filling/draining water ballast chambers on the outboard side of each keel help to increase low speed lateral stability in choppy waters and act as counterbalance when recovering a casualty over the side tube.
•  Twin keel design produces minimal wake, reducing potential damage to river banks and offers excellent manoeuvrability
•  Minimal training, servicing and maintenance costs


•  River rescue
•  Coastal and urban flood recovery
•  Casualty recovery
•  Shallow water rescue

Multifunction Craft Technical Data
  MFC4000 MFC4500 MFC5000
Product Code WR0206 WR0207 WR0208
No. of Persons 10 12 14
Length (cm) 400 450 500
Width (cm) 200 217 217
Height (cm) 80 80 80
Tube Diameter (cm) 48 48 48
Working Pressure - Tube (bar) 0.2 0.2 0.2
Working Pressure - Floor (bar) 0.4 0.4 0.4
Capacity (kg) 800 960 1050
Air Requirements (ltr) 2900 3300 3500
Pack Size (cm) 140 x 50 x 35 165 x 55 x 35 165 x 55 x 35
Weight (kg) 52 58 60
Recommended Regulator 8 bar 8 bar 8 bar