Animal Rescue Path

The Animal Rescue Path is a simple and adaptable pathway to aid the rescue of animals trapped in mud, ditches or
soft ground. The path inflates to only 6.7cm high and has a smooth upper surface, providing a flexible, obstruction free platform to manoeuvre the animal on to and across to safety.

Easily portable, the Animal Rescue Path comes supplied in a compact carry bag and is available in two different


•  Stable and robust
•  Rapid inflation and deployment
•  Low pressure
•  Lightweight and portable
•  Designed to minimise the distress caused to the animal
•  Smooth upper surface
•  Minimal training, servicing and maintenance costs
•  Choice of glued neoprene or welded TPU construction


•  Animal rescue
•  Mud Rescue

Animal Rescue Path Technical Data
  5m 10m
Product Code (Yellow Neoprene) WR0195 WR0197
Product Code (Orange TPU) WRW0195 WRW0197
Length (cm) 500 1000
Width (cm) 134 134
Height (cm) 6.7 6.7
Weight (kg) 15.5 30
Air Requirements (ltr) 455 910
Pack Size (cm) 66 x 34 x 25 70 x 45 x 30
Working Pressure (bar) 0.2 0.2
Recommended Regulator 8 bar 8 bar