Submersible Pump

Our submersible drainage pump has a compact footprint and features an integral float switch. Ideal for use in narrow spaces where automatic operation is required, the submersible pump is suitable for transferring water containing small particles (up to 5mm).

Applications include draining basements, wells and narrow sumps, emptying pools, fountains and excavations and lifting water from tanks. The submersible pump consumes 0.4kW, making it extremely efficient when used in automatic mode.


•  Made from anti-corrosive and dust-proof materials
•  Integrated float switch makes pump suitable for use in narrow spaces
•  Low suction capability down to 2mm
•  Suitable for use with water containing particles up to 5mm
•  Very low priming and starting level of the pump: 10- 15mm (manual operation), 165mm (automatic operation)
•  Selector for manual or automatic operation
•  Easy access, through sliding cover, to float switch for cleaning
•  Motor with thermal overload protection
•  Excellent cooling of the motor that enables the pump to operate even when it is partially submerged
•  10 metre mains cable and moulded UK plug
•  1¼ inch top discharge, four-step hose tail supplied

Submersible Pump Technical Data
  110V 240V
Product Code DSA003 DSA004
Operation Automatic (integral float) Automatic (integral float)
Dimensions (mm) 400 x 158 x 225 400 x 158 x 225
Weight (kg) 5.1 5.1
Construction Polypropylene Polypropylene
Float Start Height (mm) 165 165
Float Stop Height (mm) 65 65
Flowrate Max. (ltr/min) 180 180
Head Max. (mtr) 9 9
Impeller Type Vortex Vortex
Horse Power (HP) 0.55 0.55
Power (kW) 0.4 0.4
Voltage 110 230
Water Level Min. (mm) 2 2
Water Temperature Max. (℃) 35 35
Motor Speed (rpm) 2800 2800
Discharge Size 1¼ inch 1¼ inch
Free Passage (mm) 5 5
Pumped Medium Water and small particles up to 5mm Water and small particles up to 5mm
Cable Length (mtr) 10 10