Water Rescue Kit

MFC International supplies a comprehensive range of water rescue equipment and PPE, which can be used within any water rescue scenario.

Our water rescue kits come supplied in a tough, waterproof valise and contain the following water rescue items:

  • Throw Line (480028)
  • Loud Hailer (WR9098)
  • 170N Life Jacket (WR0241)
  • 300N Life Jacket (WR0231)
  • Rescue 850 PFD (WR0032)
  • Lanyard (WR9095)
  • Torch (WR9134)
  • River Knife (WR9133)
  • Helmet (WR9130)
  • Drysuit (WR0301)
  • Drysuit Bag (WR0300)
  • Valise (590006/MFC)

Technical specifications for all products are available in the downloads section below.


Water Rescue Kit Technical Data
Standard Kit WR0204
Throw Line 480028
Loud Hailer WR9098
170N Life Jacket WR0241
300N Life Jacket WR0231
Rescue 850 PFD WR0032
Lanyard WR9095
Torch WR9134
River Knife WR9133
Helmet WR9130
Drysuit WR0301
Drysuit Bag WR0300
Valise 590006/MFC