Electric Air Pump

The electric air pump is suitable for the products that are using the Boston type, HR (Halkey-Roberts), Bravo or similar type air valve, Leafield valve etc. This kind of air valve has a turning pin at the middle to control the valve’s ‘open & closed’ position. There are universal valve adapters supplied with the pump to fit it.

The electric air pump operates in two stages which can be identified by the noise of the turbine at the beginning followed by the piston. The inflator switches from turbine to piston automatically. If the chamber pressure is over 7KPa / 1 PSI, the pump will start the 2nd stage only. If the set pressure is lower than the chamber’s pressure, the pump won’t turn on.

You can also use the electric air pump to deflate the same chamber too. Attach the yellow hose onto the deflation side of the inflator (round outlet with notches) and attach the other end to the chamber you wish to deflate.

Electric Air Pump Features:

  • Inflates and deflates
  • Built in battery and travel charger
  • LCD back light display
  • Operates in two stages to offer extra additional inflation/deflation
  • Comes with an inflation hose, different adapters and a carry bag

Electric Air Pump Technical Data
  Electric Air Pump
Product Code 180002
Standard Voltage Input DC 12V
Current 10A to 30A max
Max. Power Distribution 300W
Max. Inlet Air 350L per min
Max. Pressure Reading 80KPa (11.6 psi)
Max. Working Pressure 60KPa (8.5 psi)
Pressure Increments Per 1KPa / 0.15 psi
Max. Continuous Working Time (Non-Stop) 30 minutes (15 minutes at 2nd stage)
Max. Operation Voltage DC 14V
Min. Operation Voltage DC 11V
Pack Weight 6.2 kg
Pack Size 43 x 45 x 37 cm
Warranty 2 Years* (see sales sheet for more info)