Simple to use, transport and quickly deployable; MFC International inflatable shelters are ideal for emergency and humanitarian use. MFC inflatable shelters have a wide range of use including field hospitals, command centres, crime screen preservation or used for vehicle storage or maintenance. We are proud to be able to create bespoke models for almost any use and our products have been used to protect military personnel and their assets as well as worldwide humanitarian organisations, fire brigades and police departments.

Our shelters are manufactured with welded and tape PU frames that reduce weight and air leakage. They don’t require continuous inflation and will stand up in some of the most extreme conditions. In fact we recently visited a special effects company to test our shelters in gusting wind speeds of over 67mph without sustaining any damage.

Inflatable Shelters used for Field Hospitals: MFC International inflatable shelters have been used by the military and international humanitarian organisations for many years. Once set up they stay inflated without the need for continual inflation and the sturdy tubular frame, keeps its rigidity, even in harsh conditions. MFC shelters can be linked together to provide additional space for multiple wards, theatres and treatment areas. They have also been used by the army for mess tents, command centres and vehicle storage.

Vehicle & Aircraft Inflatable Shelters: The military have used MFC shelters for vehicle maintenance and storage because they are easy to store and transport and can be quickly deployed when needed. They can be used as a temporary or more permanent space for maintaining, servicing or storing vehicles and aircraft. Our flexibility allows us to create bespoke inflatable shelter solutions to order.

Emergency Response & Crisis Shelters: Our shelters have been used for emergency response to humanitarian crisis’ in order to provide temporary shelters, command centres, first aid stations and accommodation. They have also been used during major events and festivals to help support the emergency services and other first responders.

Forensics Shelters: rapid and easy deployment, removable flooring, and the ability to easily move the shelter whilst intact and fully inflated are some of the reasons MFC International shelters are ideal from forensics and crime scene preservation. 

Bespoke Inflatable Shelter Solutions: We are proud to be in a position to offer bespoke shelter solutions. Our unique flexibility as a company means that we are willing to help our customers find the correct solution to any of their challenges.