Last Monday 15th March, together with our local distributor Vandeputte Safety, we were able to demonstrate a range of our water rescue equipment to Brussels Fire Brigade.

Along the Brussels canal we were able to demonstrate both the MFC International Evacuation Raft as well as the Air Track Rescue Path. Brussels Fire Brigade wanted to test the latest solutions to aid them with the rescue of drowning victims and to help assist people during times of flooding.

Working closely together with our distributor in the area Vandeputte Safety (Jan Vanmechelen), Brussels Fire Brigade were able to put our Air Track Rescue Path way to test. The Air Track is an inflatable rescue path already in use by the majority of the UK rescue services for accessing casualties during rescue on water, mud, ice and unstable terrain.

Captain Platteau is always looking for the best equipment to not only facilitate in rescues but also to provide the highest levels of safety for his dive team durings these rescue operations. Also on test was our Evacuation Raft. 

Ideal in flood water situations, the  MFC Evacuation Raft is lightweight and portable. It is easy to manoeuvre, and can be paddled or pulled by hand. The Evacuation Raft has a flat bottom, making it exceptionally stable and suitable for use in very shallow water from 50mm in depth.