Pillow Packers

MFC Pillow Packers are constructed using unique flexible rubber materials making them lightweight, flexible to manoeuvre and can inflate to fit the shape of any damaged area. Pillow packers are easy to operate and can be folded flat when deflated, making them easy to transport.  

Pillow Packer Features:

  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Flexible to manoeuvre
  • Lighter weight than standard packers of the equilavent size
  • Folds flat for easy transportation
  • Inflates to fit the shape of damaged infrastructure (repairs ovoid as well as circular pipes)
  • No-dig method of repair which reduces cost, time on site and disruption
  • Repair is structural, dependant on layers installed

Pillow Packers Technical Data
  Pillow Packer 600-1000
Min. Diameter (mm) 600
Max. Diameter (mm) 1000
Max. Inflation Pressure (bar) 1.0
Test Pressure (bar) 1.3
Bursting Pressure (bar) 3.0
Deflated Diameter (mm) 560
Deflated Width (mm) 910
Deflated Height (mm) 3500
Weight (kg) 38
Number of D Rings 4